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commonly asked questions 


Q: - Are you 100% Organic?

A: - No, we are not 100% Organic although we use many organic items we do have items that are not Organic. We make our own Organic Almond and Coconut Milks and use organic coconut water, organic apple juice and organic orange juice. Almost all of our enhancers are organic and most of our produce is also organic.

Q: - What is Wheatgrass?

A: - Wheatgrass is one of the most complete foods on the planet. It has been shown to aid in many things such as Energy Levels, Stress, Anxiety, Focus, Mental Clarity among other things. It contains incredibly high levels of chlorophyll which has been associated with things like Liver Detoxification, Cancer prevention, Immunity and aids in healing of wounds.


Q: - What's the Best thing on the Menu?

A: - Depends who you ask, all of our Cold Pressed Juices are very popular as for smoothies my personal favorite is Almond Dream with added Cinnamon and Maca Root, it pairs nicely with some Spicy Avocado Toast or my favorite wrap, the Avocado TLT.


Contact us by phone or email with any further question.

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