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Thrive Catering

Thrive is offering more ways than ever to enjoy our delicious recipes and now one of them is by hiring Thrive to cater your next event! We've spent countless hours curating the most amazing and diverse plant based menu you'll find. With dished from over a dozen cultures from around the world and right here in the United States. From Texas to Morocco, Brazil, Ethiopia, Italy and Korea. We've got dishes to excite your taste buds on 5 continents! Check out some of our options below and please understand we are the most human business out there and if you need changes made to anything all you have to do is ask. Thank you and please enjoy viewing our offerings.

BBQ Tofu Grits_edited.jpg
Herb Baked Tofu and Mash_edited.jpg
Southwesten grain bowl_edited_edited.jpg
new buff tofu bowl.jpg

We would love to help make your next catering event 100% Plant based. We think people of all dietary preferences will find things they like in our amazingly diverse menu. We would love to help your venue provide a vegan option if they insist on doing the catering as well please ask us to contact them to fill a support role. Shoot us an email for more information or to ask about specifics.

Red curry chickpea_edited.jpg
eggplant rollitini_edited_edited.jpg
Brunch bowl.jpg
massaman 2_edited.jpg
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