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About Us

Proudly Serving Arlington and the surrounding area since 2018.

Thrive Opened its doors on May 2nd 2018. We slowly became a go to place for locals to get healthy Smoothies, Acai Bowls, Fresh Salads, Cold Pressed Juice and the best Plant Based Wraps and Grain Bowls in the area. We grew slow and steady for about two years before the Covid Pandemic hit. After the start of the Pandemic is when things got difficult. Staffing was hard, costs skyrocketed and personal safety was all of a sudden a huge new obstacle to providing exceptional service. We figured out a system that worked for us and our customers until Aug 28th 2021. That night we had a fire hit Thrive and we lost everything. All of our equipment was ruined, our momentum halted and our staff was left without jobs. It took us 11 months to rebuild, insurance underpaid the claim by about $50,000 but even with all that we fought back and re-opened in July of 2022. It was like starting over, we've scratched and clawed for the last year plus in hopes of someday returning to the busy takeout spot we once were. We thank you for all of your support.

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