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Thrive Juice Cleanse

An experience personalized for you. 

for any further questions Call us at


Photos by Adine Raboy

Why do a cleanse?

Thought we can't determine everything, we can choose what we put into our bodies. Cleansing the digestive system is most beneficial for improving your immune system, aiding the liver and kidney in detoxification, and increasing the quality of your body's energy. with our cleanse you can get the nutrients and healthy foods your body is looking for without having to figure out how. we acknowledge that Juice Cleansing is often intimidating and that's why we love to personally work with each individual to customize the experience to best fit their needs and goals. 


What do we provide?

For a single day, A cleanse consists of...

- One Fresh and Organic Wheatgrass shot.

can be swapped with our other wellness shots, including our flu shot and ginger shot. 

- Three coconut probiotics 

available flavors: Ginger Lemon, Ginger beet, and ginger orange.

- Three Juices

See menu for juice list and ingredients.

Depending on our stock, the amount of days you can pick up at once may be impacted. 


How do I set up a cleanse?

To initiate your cleanse call our store, giving at least one day's notice, and let us know you would like to start a cleanse. on the call we will work together to set up the best schedule and cleanse journey for you possible. 


How do I take the cleanse?

- with an empty stomach, start with your wheatgrass shot in the morning.

if the shot given is frozen, allow the shot about 30 minutes to thaw.


- 30 minutes later begin with your first probiotic.

This can be drank all at once or slowly until your first juice.

- 2 hours after starting your first probiotic begin drinking your first juice.

you can choose whichever juice in your pack to start with.


- Every 2 hours after that, start another probiotic. complete your pack by alternating between a juice and a probiotic drink until the end of the day.

if at all you get hungry eat a raw cucumber, apple, or a small salad without dressing.  

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