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Hello Thrive Community,

Coronavirus aside I want to talk to you all about some super exciting news.

Saturday May 2nd is our 2 YEAR Anniversary. I cannot believe it has been two years already and am so thankful to every single person that has supported us during these past two years. We have made many changes and many adjustments during our time serving the local community. From menu changes like adding hot food specials and soups, to moving to bulk sales due to COVID and adding our online ordering directly through our website, we have rolled with the punches and tried to always put our best foot forward for our customers. Now we have one more big change coming next week!


This past week we finally received shipment of our long awaited COLD PRESS JUICER! This is a huge positive change and a huge financial investment for Thrive. 

What makes it different? - Well, traditional juicers like the ones currently in use at Thrive are called centrifugal juicers and operate by spinning sharp teeth very fast to pulverize the fruit/vegetables until all the liquid comes out. This process has its pros and cons. These juicers are small and very easy to take apart, clean and re-assemble. This allows for juice to be made custom right when it is ordered. But the downside is this process causes lots of friction and friction creates heat. When fruits/vegetables are heated they begin to rapidly oxidase. This process of oxidation breaks down the food and starts to destroy some nutrients. Because of this the juice produced does not have a long shelf life for both great taste and also the maximum nutrients and thus must be consumed quickly.
The Cold Press Difference -  A cold press juicer simply squeezes the fruit/vegetables until they are completely flat and void of all liquid and thus adds zero heat to the food product. This gives you a nutritionally superior juice that has up to a 5 day shelf life in the fridge! The downside is these machines are big, complicated and cumbersome to take apart and clean so you do juicing in batches to bottle and sell. I.e No more customization on your juices. But you will be getting a better juice and we will be able to serve it to you cold and also lightning fast!

Hopefully that makes sense and gets you excited to have us make this change.

Cold Press Juices will be available starting Monday May 4th and will be in 16oz bottles available as singles, 4 packs or 6 packs for your enjoyment at home or on the go!

Thank you all, please be safe, let us know what questions you have for us, don't forget to share our name with friends, family etc. Please like and share our Facebook and Instagram posts when you see them and please come visit Thrive soon I know we haven't seen a lot of you in a while.



(ends 05/10/20)



Thanks again... Be Safe,

Derek, Michelle and our whole team here at Thrive


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